Corrosion, erosion, and abrasion are all forms of surface wear that most often determine component and machinery life.

Five years of researching and applying surface engineering technology to enhance performance properties and reduce wear of machine components enabled LaserBond engineers to begin designing a range of products that offer significant output unit cost savings across several industries.

LaserBond new long-life designs are embedded with – and proof of – our researched, developed, and patented cladding technologies. We work with a range of industry partners to quantify the full extent of operational benefits that our products deliver.

Game Changing Technology

Our surface engineering technology has and will continue to deliver game-changing component and equipment performance across an extensive range of introduced industries including mining, drilling, mineral processing, power generation, transport and marine, plant and machinery, manufacturing, fluid handling and agriculture – industry sectors that experience wear and erosion to production-vital components on a daily basis.

Our skill and experience is introducing a new paradigm in surface engineering, exploiting innovative surface engineering and advanced mechanical component design to deliver better performance, longer operating life to components and equipment, reduce maintenance costs, change-outs and downtime, and deliver less overall cost and more profit.