Health & Safety

ISO 45001 / AS/NZS 4801 Certified Workplace Health & Safety

LaserBond is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for everyone involved in our business. We manage WH&S within our PAS99 – Integrated Management System, the accredited quality, environment and safety system.

We are proud of our safety standards, programs and processes. They are designed to ensure our people work productively without compromising their health and safety. Team members work together to assess and manage risk associated with every task, utilizing our ‘Take Five’ pocket book system;

  • Stop & Think
  • Look for Hazards
  • Assess the Risk
  • Make it Safe
  • Complete the Task


Our M1 production management system refers to relevant ‘Safe Operating Procedures’ and ‘Safe Work Method’ statements, which are an integral part of any LaserBond project.

Health & Safety is a key element for sustainable business and closely integrated with our engineering, quality and production. Improved Health & Safety awareness and culture result in better operational

Measuring, Monitoring and Improving

A significant initiative for 2016 is the refreshing of our safety reporting and safety KPI’s. This program aims to bring awareness and responsibility closer aligned to the management structure, with key numbers being incorporated at all reporting levels.

Health and Safety is an agenda item at every Board meeting, and we will provide an overview of our health and safety performance in our Annual Report & Financial Statements. From the Executive we demonstrate a commitment to embed health and safety within our culture, behaviours and actions at every level. Toolbox meetings focus on incident reports, re-enactment and preventative action.

LaserBond’s Safety KPI is ‘Reportable Injury Frequency Rate’ (RIFR), which records the number of incidents requiring medical treatment, divided by the number of hours worked within an accounting period, multiplied by 100,000.