Research, Development and Application

Since 1992 we have pursued a vision of increasing component performance and extending plant and machinery life through the research, development and application of advanced surface engineering technologies.

Capital-intensive industries rely on plant and equipment performing at peak efficiency for the longest posssible period to maximise productivity. Our capabilities incorporate a unique range of advanced surface-engineering technologies and services designed to enhance the life and performance of machinery, equipment and production-vital components.

Specialised Service Capabilites

LaserBond’s facilities in Sydney and Adelaide offer a wide range of in-house specialised service capabilites to enable large and complex projects to be completed quickly and reliably.

Laser cladding and thermal spraying technologies form the core of our business. Our high capacity welding, machining, heat treatment and surface  finishing provide the complete in-house service suite. The metallurgy laboratory, with its scanning electron microscope is unique in surface engineering – we make intelligent material selection – we test – we guarantee.

Technologies We Use

LaserBond is founded on innovation in surface engineering.

Other Capabilities

As we grow our capabilities are continually expanding to offer our customers industry leading surface
engineering technologies.

Metallurgy Lab

Understanding the science of surface engineering.

Surface Coatings

Preventing wear where it begins…at the surface…with the right coating.