Analyst Reports

All Analyst Reports are provided independently i.e. without influence by LaserBond. As indicated below, Canaccord Genuity has been publishing regular analyst reports on LaserBond, but we are not permitted to publish their reports on our website. Investors can make a direct request for access to these reports via the following link. LaserBond apologises for any inconvenience.

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Date Title
28/02/2024 Cannacord Genuity Coverage Request
26/02/2024 Curran & Co Coverage
25/09/2023 Curran & Co Initiating Coverage
07/03/2023 Canaccord Genuity Coverage Request
31/08/2022 Canaccord Genuity Coverage Request
31/05/2022 Canaccord Genuity Coverage Request
03/03/2022 Canaccord Genuity Coverage Request
24/02/2022 CCZ Statton Equities Research
24/02/2022 Canaccord Genuity Coverage Request
03/02/2022 Canaccord Genuity Coverage Request
14/12/2021 CCZ Statton Equities Research
13/09/2021 CCZ Statton Equities Research
31/08/2021 Veritas Securities Equity Research
30/08/2021 Cannacord Genuity Coverage Request
08/03/2021 Veritas Securities Equity Research
01/03/2021 Cannacord Genuity Coverage Request
24/02/2021 CCZ Statton Coverage
11/11/2020 CCZ Statton Initiating Coverage
16/09/2020 Cannacord Genuity Initiating Coverage Request
24/08/2020 Veritas Securities Equity Research
17/06/2020 Veritas Securities Equity Research
20/04/2019 Veritas Securities Equity Research
05/03/2020 Taylor Collison Updated Coverage
17/12/2019 Veritas Securities Equity Research
18/09/2019 Taylor Collison Initiating Coverage
26/10/2018 Ethical Equities Blog Feature
03/10/2014 OzEquities Newsletter Feature
26/10/2012 Investorfirst Company Update
21/09/2012 Investorfirst Company Update
19/03/2012 MicroEquities Company Update
15/03/2012 Investorfirst Initiating Coverage
09/09/2011 OzEquities Newsletter Feature
25/01/2011 Microequities Initiating Coverage Report