Fluid Handling

Fluid handling means high velocity fluids - liquids and gases.

High velocity means wear, erosion and corrosion – at high impact points within pump impellers, valves seats and stems, bends and elbows in pipework systems. And those pumps, valves and pipes are vital components in a production process. A worn component means inefficiency and delays.

We work with pump OEMs and end-users to produce cost-efficient long-wearing solutions to high wear components. Unique surface engineering technologies – developed to increase resistance to wear and corrosion – that optimise component and system performance, increase productivity by extending component, plant and machinery operational life, improve reliability, reduce component change-outs, reduce downtime and reduce overall operating and maintenance costs.

Components work better, last longer and cost less.


Reduced Wear / Longer Life

Abrasive and corrosive production environments mean increased wear rates on equipment. LaserBond surface engineering technologies will significantly extend the operating lifespan of processing equipment by reducing the wear to components from impacts with abrasive and corrosive fluids.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Production equipment and components surface engineered by Laserbond will operate in-situ for longer and perform more efficiently. An extended operating life increases the cycle time for regular maintenance – and decreases maintenance costs.

Less Product Loss

As an outcome of inefficiently operating processing equipment, leakage and product loss is a cost. LaserBond surface engineered production-vital equipment and components improves and maintains operating efficiency, improves the process, and cuts product loss.

Case Studies

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