LaserBond is founded on innovation in surface engineering.

We have accumulated 30 years of understanding around the mechanics of wear to vital machine components that experience some of the fastest wear rates in highly abrasive and chemically hostile environments.

Our culture of innovation enables us to deploy innovative surface engineering technology that reduces maintenance costs, improves performance, and extends machinery life.

Our Technology & Licensing

By necessity Australia’s surface engineering market offers extensive exposure to many very different problems, which we see through our service customers. These customers are seeking a new or better than new repair or refurbishment of capital equipment they are maintaining. R&D often uses the learnings from worn parts to identify innovative metallurgy or cladding methodology solutions that offer superior customer outcomes. While some Services customers see long-wear life as a threat to their regular maintenance activities, owners seeking productivity gains do not.

Our best collaborators are the global OEMs who are seeking a strategic sales advantage through the inclusion of specialized components in their equipment offering, and with “performance or price / unit” contracts, where productivity is the priority and environmental sustainability is valued. This thinking underpins our products division.

We now package our unique know-how into the tailored Technology licence package.


The LaserBond licencing package on offer integrates a tailored equipment package for an industry or market application with exclusive access to LaserBond’s surface engineering research and technology.