The gentle art of cultivation is occasionally not so gentle

Large-scale ground preparation in abrasive soils and rock requires powerful machinery and robust, reliable components. Abrasive soils and rock means wear on those components. Wear that will decrease the effectiveness of components and increase ground preparation time.

LaserBond surface-engineering technologies have been developed to extend component life, increase performance, increase reliability, reduce change-outs, increase resistance to wear and corrosion and reduce overall operating and maintenance costs.

Efficient ground preparation will increase yield. LaserBond surface engineering will improve component life and ultimately improve ground preparation efficiency.


Longer Component Life

Production equipment – backhoe buckets, rakes, ground engaging tools, blades – is subject to wear and erosion. Repairing or replacing equipment delays production. LaserBond surfacing engineering reduces the impacts of wear and erosion and extends component and equipment operational lifespan.

Increased Machine Availability

LaserBond surface engineered components used in production machinery and equipment production have a longer operating lifespan. They resist wear and erosion from aggressive production environments. They improve equipment utilisation rates and increase machine availability.

Increased Yield

Equipment performing at or above optimum efficiency means maximum yield. LaserBond surface engineering equipment and components that are subject to abrasion and wear to effectively resist abrasion and wear and perform at optimum efficiency to increase yield.

Case Studies

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