Transport & Marine

Effective and efficient transport is reliable and consistent.

National and international shipping, land transport, public transport. Loading and unloading vehicles and equipment, as well as off-road haul trucks, forklifts and work site vehicles. Achieving reliability means limiting breakdowns of vital components. Breakdowns cost time and money.

LaserBond surface-engineering technologies can improve resistance to wear and corrosion and decrease the potential for breakdowns to production-vital components. Those same technologies will increase component and system performance, extend plant and machinery life, increase reliability and reduce unit operating and maintenance costs.

We can also recover and remanufacture fatigued metal components and surface engineer them for extended operational and service life in a range of challenging environments – at a fraction of the cost of a replacement OEM part.


Reliability of Service

LaserBond surface engineering of wear-susceptible mechanical parts extends lifespan and reduces the potential for part failure. LaserBond surface engineering improves equipment efficiency and performance – to improve overall operational reliability.

Reduced Breakdown Potential

Breakdowns and equipment failures mean service interruptions while repairs are carried out or replacement parts are fitted, tested and brought into service. LaserBond surface engineering extends component lifespan, improves performance and reduces the potential for breakdowns.

Lower Total Costs

LaserBond surface engineered equipment and components can improve reliability and performance, improve extend component lifespan and increase operational performance. They will also reduce repair and maintenance costs, servicing and inventory costs – and lower total operating costs.

Case Studies

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