Significant Benefits in service life and maintenance costs

Steel Mills around the world are now experiencing the significant benefits of installing LaserBond® Composite Carbide Steel Mill Rolls. We fully manufacture a comprehensive range of Steel Mill Rolls and Roll Shells surface engineered with our composite carbide. Rolls and shells can be purchased with the confidence of knowing they will replace existing OEM mill rolls, being installed and operational without requirements to retrofit or modify existing plant. Steel mills using LaserBond® Long Life Steel Mill Rolls are reporting exceptional in-service performance.

Features and Benefits

  • Surface texture finished to individual customer requirements from ‘as laser clad’ with a roughness similar to coarse emery paper, to a superfinished Ra 0.2-0.5 micron.
  • Coarser finish offers excellent ‘pulling’ through where necessary.
  • Superfinish offers mirror finish – no scratches, etc on the end product.
  • Roll Shell manufactured to replace OEM shaft.
  • No retrofitting or modifications required on any LaserBond® Steel Mill Roll products.
  • Manufactured to customer specifications.
  • Product coming off Rolling Mill generally defaults to one side of every Run-Out Roll increasing the wear factor.
  • LaserBond® surface engineering Carbide Composite Steel Mill Rolls produce with up to 20 times longer life.
  • Outstanding resistance to frictional wear and operating pressure.
  • A single quoted price covering door to door delivery, in sturdy fumigated wooden crates designed for forklift use.