The range of manufacturing is myriad and diverse

Chemical manufacturing. Timber processing. Paper manufacturing, Plastics extrusion. Aluminium processing. Food processing. The range of manufacturing is myriad and diverse all with unique characteristics but with a common requirement. Reliability on mechanical components. Cylinders. Pumps. Compressors. In conveyor systems. Compressed air systems. Packaging systems. If a part of the process fails through metal fatigue, wear or abrasive erosion, the whole process stops.

When applied to production-vital components LaserBond unique surface-engineering technologies – developed to improve availability and productivity by extending component life – increase resistance to wear and corrosion, optimise performance, extend plant and machinery operational life and increase component reliability.

And that improves output. It also reduces overall operating and maintenance costs by cutting downtime and reducing component change-outs.


Increased Machinery Productivity

Reliable production equipment impacts on production and output. Equipment and components performing and operating as they should are productivity assets. LaserBond surface engineering extends equipment lifespan to increase machinery productivity.

Less Breakdown Downtime

Reliability and consistency of production depends on the reliability and consistency of production equipment to perform. Under pressure, equipment and components fail. LaserBond surface engineering significantly reduces the potential for component failure.

Lower Cost of Operation

Production equipment that lasts longer and performs better means less stoppages and process interruptions. For 23 years LaserBond has surface engineered vital production equipment for performance and efficiency. Characteristics that will lower the cost of operation.

Case Studies

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