Power Generation

Consistent performance and reliability

Power generation needs consistent performance and reliability from plant and equipment that is subject to high-pressure loads, and breakdowns occur in boilers, feed pumps, turbines and generating systems. These are all vital components in coal-fired power generation. Components exposed to abrasive and corrosive particulate matter and gases, and components that must maintain performance levels.

LaserBond surface-engineering technologies have been developed to improve availability and productivity by extending component life. When applied to impellers, thrust bearings or boiler tubes, they will increase resistance to wear and corrosion, optimise performance, extend plant and machinery operational life, and increase reliability.

This will extend component life, reduce change-outs, reduce downtime and reduce overall operating and maintenance costs.


Improved Efficiency

Operational efficiency delivers maximised production and output. Contributing to operational efficiency is the reliability and the continuing performance of production equipment – equipment that is subject to wear. LaserBond surface engineering technologies reduces mechanical wear in production equipment and keep efficiency levels high.

Less Unscheduled Downtime

Equipment reliability and performance is vital to achieving production goals. An unscheduled stoppage is time lost from production. LaserBond surface engineering works to maintain equipment reliability and performance levels. Reducing the disruption and risks of unscheduled downtime.

Lower Cost of Operation

LaserBond surface engineering is designed to reduce equipment from wear and erosion, extend equipment lifespan and maximise the capabilities of coated production components to reduce costs of service, maintenance and replacement parts. And lower the overall cost of operation.

Case Studies

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