Laser Cladding

Laser Cladding: what is it?

LaserBond® – laser cladding, also called laser metal deposition (LMD) – is a high-performance additive manufacturing procedure which utilises precisely-controlled energy from a high power laser to metallurgically-bond a surfacing material to a substrate to provide very high performance surfaces to new parts for extended operating life. With this precise control, a welded or metallurgical bond is achieved with minimal impacts and effects of heat on both the substrate and surface material.

LaserBond® laser cladding technologies offer a broad spectrum of industries confronting component and equipment wear issues significant opportunities to reduce maintenance costs and enhance operating performance.


  • Limited dilution of coating for maximum purity and performance
  • Precise, fully-fused deposit layer
  • Short processing time minimises heat spread and impact
  • Improves component wear performance
  • Cost effective component-life extension
  • Can be used to reclaim worn or fatigued components
  • Reduces maintenance and part replacement costs
  • Suitable for sensitive components


  • High erosion from liquid or gas flows
  • High impact conditions
  • Part-to-part wear and abrasion