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6.2 Laserclad Concrete Slipform Auger is 25% More Productive

Concrete slip forming machines allow the continuous in-situ pouring of concrete structures. Typical applications include kerbing and roadside barriers. An important part of the machines is the feed auger, which continuously elevates the wet concrete into the mould.

Slip form machine augers with conventional hard facing could be expected to last roughly 400 hours, transferring approximately 1000 cubic meters of concrete.

In contrast with LaserBond® cladding treatment it has lasted over 3,000 hours, it conveyed approximately 8000 cubic metres without any decrease of the auger diameter and retained operating at peak efficiency.


  • The concrete is very abrasive and wears the feed auger aggressively. As the auger wears, the diameter decreases, increasing the clearance between the flights and the chute greatly diminishing the rate at which the concrete can be fed to the moulds.
  • This has a dramatic effect on the productivity of the machine. In an attempt to extend life, operators apply hard facing at least twice that costs downtime and labour hours.


  • The concrete auger was redesigned to facilitate the application of a LaserBond® cladding treatment. A cladding metallurgy was selected to best suit the wet, corrosive and abrasive conditions.
  • The wear resistant layer of LaserBond® cladding was applied to outside diameter and faces of the flights, the top shaft journal and the leading edge of the auger.
  • This enabled the auger screw to maintain its diameter many times longer than uncoated and unprotected OEM parts.


  • Operating efficiency of auger enables machine to run longer, delivers more concrete at higher travel speed, with better quality placement (less voids that need manual patching).
  • Overall cost savings over multiple OEM replacement parts.
  • Machine availability improved with less downtime for manual hard facing and maintenance.
  • Reduced exposure to saftey hazards.
  • Better outcome for environment; less waste, low carbon footprint.


Despite the replacement LaserBond clad auger costing more, the benefits it delivered are so overwhelmingly positive the cost of LaserBond’s auger became insignificant.  The new auger is far better than new replacement part, by performing better for longer and increased productivity by 25%.


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